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Hey, I'll give you some price adjustment:

A gun you won't have to drop money in to make it reliable: $450
Battieries: $50-75
A good charger that won't cook above battiers:$50
additional magazines: $40
BB's: $20

Total: $620-$645, and that's conservative. If you want to game, you'll need to add another $150-$200 or so in there for BDUs and some kind of rig to carry your mags.

A $400 Marui isn't "hard core airsoft". "Hard Core" as you use it would be a $900 VFC or $1,200 STAR or $2,000 PTW.

And what ThunderCactus said about cheap guns is quite true -I've seen very few stock clones at games. A few, but not many.

Just thought I would give you a bit of perspective.

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