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Here are our PM Logs

here's our converstation prior to shipping.

Yeah I can ship today thats no problem. Its the SCAR-L so it uses typical armalite mags, and its in black. In case I forgot to mention it though, it still needs a new mag catch. Just send me your address so I can ship it out first thing. Mine is as follows :


Be sure to ship it Xpresspost and ask for signature and insure it for 700$ as Im doing the exact same.

Originally Posted by halifax1977
I think were just about there, can you ship friday (today JAnuary 30?)
Is your scar L or H and is it blak or tan?

Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw
I dont have any actual pics of mine as I dont have a camera. And I cant seem to find the cord for my phone to take that with. Im sure if you just type in Star SCAR you will have a great idea of what it looks like.

Mine also comes with a battery 9.6V as well as the box it came in.

So do we have a deal?

Originally Posted by halifax1977
Hi do you have any pics we can trade my email is

My G&G NIB and has battery/charger 9.6 - 470 high cap, poster, cleaning rod box (minor shipping damage) it's says it's factory upgrade but I haven't chroned it, manuel red barrel plug. I don't have a mount for it but they're 14.99 on

It's a heavy battle rifle and a great platform for a sniper rifle.

Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw
Hey just saw your thread about your M14. I have a Star SCAR I'd be willing to trade with you if you want. Its upgraded with an m120 spring, new piston with titanium teeth, new systema tappet plate, new 16 gauge low resistance wiring, and its been shimmed and greased. Its shooting aprox. 380-400 fps. All work was done by ShaDo. Only work it now needs is it needs a new ambi mag catch. I just have not gotten around to getting a new one as its my summer gun.

What does your M14 come with? How many mags? Scope mount? Scope? Let me know dude!

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