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Angry Attention Gman!

Hello there,

I am looking for the user Gman also known as Grant Meyer. I have sent Grant a sum of money for an AEG on Janurary 6th, 2009. He has failed to deliver me the AEG and has not responded to my several e-mails and has not been online on ASC for 3 weeks. He has confirmed and received his payment.

I understand that life can blindside you and one thing can lead to another, but Grant's lack of communication only leads me to speculate that he has stolen my money. Im sure hes a good guy,if you know Grant, please contact him and convey my message.

Grant Meyer, you have until February 10th, 2009 to deliver what you promised to me before I contact my local authorities. I will not accept a refund as I have already invested another large sum of money in parts that are now useless to me.

If anyone has information on Grant's situation, please let me know. I have also posted this on the JOC Boards.

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