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Rock and Roll Outlaw Help

Hi guys,

I just did a trade with Rock N Roll Outlaw.
My bnib G&G M14 v4 (with battery and charger as well as the other new odds and ends.

He was suppose to send me a Star Scar LB which needed a mag release.
He told me Huang has one (haung asked me if an m4, (it won't) would fit so how could he have one?.
This gun is completly unuseable The only option I'm prepared for is for outlaw to pay all shipping and return my product as I will his.
PArts for this gun don't exist Rock N Roll Outlaw posted this in october

Mag Catch/Release


I'm looking for a new magazine catch/release for my Star SCAR. I just checked Star's website and they don't have any SCAR specific mag catch only the ambi M4/M16 mag catch so any of those would do, but it will have to be ambidextrous. PM me and we'll work something out!
When the gun arrived, it was missing the mag catch and the bolt hold open and the bolt cover. the rail covers were miss match (i knew the eglm was gone already).

To boot the gun won't shoot you can hear the power going to the gear boxs but nothing happens.

What the hell I've been around awhile but don't send me outright junk.
If you had sent me one pic like i ask I would have never traded with you.

if I'm missing letters or puncuation here you all go

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