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A few years ago I fell on some crushed glass and wound up with many splinters of glass inside me, after over 2 hours of a doctor ripping through my leg with tweezers he believed he got everything out. A few months later I noticed a sore, well I didnt notice the sore was there for a long time but it finally had begun to itch so I was scracthing at it. One day I wrapped my fingers around this tiny lump as if I were squeezing a pimple and just pushed as hard as I could and fuck me running a sliver of glass about 7mm or 8mm and about as thin as a quater stuck right our of my skin. I pulled it out and looked at it for a while. I taped it to a sticky note and wrote "WTF" on it, but I think I left it hanging up on my cork board in my office and was still there when I quit my job, so its most likly thrown out now.

But still, if you can afford it, get it removed.

"Its only a little bit on fire"
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