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OK I'm gonna tell you what you should expect.

A buddy of mine was selling his used MP5 for $1250 including 10 mags and some other stuff like red dot (Not sure what brand but I think it was TM).

A used TM AUG could be $700 with a few mags, scope and a few upgrades. You'll have to wait and see when you get access to the classifieds. A new CA M15 XM177 would probably be $600, a new SPR ~$650. GBB's I've seen lowest $150 and that's with damaged parts and whatnot, expect a GBB to be $300+ and if you want something special like a race gun/tactical gun expect $700 minimum.

Best bet is to strip the gun and get anything that's not restricted/prohibited over the border and sell off your body. Honestly it's not worth saving those few bucks to get your ass in hot water. You'd really be screwed especially since you're trying to move here and your papers would be thrown out.

AUG receivers are hard to come by here. AR-15 variants however are A LOT more common. Like I said you'll have to wait to get access to the classifieds. Assuming that you're 18+ it should be no problem and theres lots of verifiers in Toronto.
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