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Originally Posted by Hanamichi View Post
Wow. That HK416 looks pretty nice. Is it a complete replica externally in terms of dimensions, trademarks and metal composition? If so, I'd be all over that option if a) quality was good and b) I could throw in a Systema mechbox. Any downside to this route over the King Arms if I actually prefer the looks of the 416?

Sorry if stupid to the current generation of airsoft...thanks.
If your going this route, you most likely will need to replace the mechbox sooner rather than later. Same with the hop up and inner barrel. The mag well might also needed to be sanded in order for mags to fit properly. That said you can always get a hurricane metal body afterwards if you don't like the dboys metal body. Also a m170 revolution is way to powerful. At most you will want a m100 or m110 revolution as they will be about 350-390 fps with a tightbore barrel. just my 2 cents.
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