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Used a file in the hole where the rear body pin goes and now it's silky smooth. It didn't take much.

I decided to take out my bolt and have a look at it. Turns out my piston's O-ring was torn (looks like a common problem from reading above). I went to home depot. I couldn't find any O-rings that size, there were only ones slightly undersized or oversized. I managed to find a rubber washer that was exactly the same size. The only difference is it's not tapered or rounded off like the stock seal or O-ring. Anyways, it seems to be working well enough, but I won't really know till I measure the FPS. I decided to inspect the bolt mainly because I saw a lot of gas being blown out the ejection port. Looked like a leak.

As for the Mag, I took that apart and removed that plate on the side which contains a really badly designed gasket. I applied some silicon to both sides, reassembled and it doesn't leak anymore.

Honestly, I can't wait till the CO2 mags come out, I'm getting really tired of how unreliable these mags are. For someone who doesn't at least have some knowledge of how an AEG or GBB works, they would be lost and basically stuck with a gun that doesn't work. Boo WE!!!!

DB19, the O-ring you got from Home Hardware, was the inner diammeter the correct size? I had oversized O-rings at home too which would work, but O-rings tend to have a very large diammeter center. I doubt it would seal peoperly if the o-ring were moving around and not centered. I have a prometheus tight bore on my G&P AEG, will this fit on the WE? I've read somewhere that they need some hopup adaptors to make it fit.

Anyways, nice to know that people are having the same problems and that I didn't just get a lemon.

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