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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
Dboys has made a FMU HK416. Once it arrives in the states, you can ask a retailer to get one for you:

As for which M4 you should buy, i would seriously recommend the KA M4 as it is cheaper to purchase and upgrade than a PTW will. And with the new Systema Mechbox, i think it is a wiser choice than the PTW as it can do everything a PTW can, minus the ability to quick change FPS (which IMHO is useless as you can only go up to 400fps at most fields anyway).
Wow. That HK416 looks pretty nice. Is it a complete replica externally in terms of dimensions, trademarks and metal composition? If so, I'd be all over that option if a) quality was good and b) I could throw in a Systema mechbox. Any downside to this route over the King Arms if I actually prefer the looks of the 416?

Sorry if stupid to the current generation of airsoft...thanks.
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