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I went to a doctor today and have it x-rayed. 100% sure.. there's a bb (non -biodegradable) inside my palm. Consultation is for free because of my healthcard, but the operation would cost me big buck (healthcard can't cover this case). He didn't mention about any complication in the future if I let it stay there.

Seriously, i'm really considering slicing it open and pull it out. It's just a skin away.. I can feel it. And I know where it really is right now. It is just UNDER MY SKIN (under the scar)! I'm just worrying about slicing a wrong nerve and that would be a big trouble.

My plan... (well just in case I became a real idiot).. I could re-open the scar where the wound was and pull it out from there wishing i woundn't hit any nerve. Pour some betadine and bandage.. I was able to put it in there.. I should be able to remove it from there!

Anyhow.. what is the composition of the BB anyway?! Will it breakdown in my system in the future? What will happen if it runs through my blood?
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