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Since those new TM SOPMOD M4 is too new and not many people in Canada got in hand one yet and either a quite review of them on here too so your best bet is if you can get TM SOPMOD M4, so why don't you just get the King Arms right away. I doubt if a retailer can import TM SOPMOD M4 then they can import KA CASV M4 as well.

After market parts CASV would fit on the Tm SOMPOD M4 is the thread front set is the same as regular AEG but sometime maybe TM has a new design on . I'm pretty not sure about that.

I won't bother to do something that not pretty sure because might end up losing the money. That's just my two cents. Hope it help you.


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Thanks for the input guys. No prob on the off topic; keeps the thread on front page!

One more follow up: If I wasn't able to get my hands on a King Arms, would I be able to get say a TM SOPMOD M4 (the new shoot and recoil) and affix the KA VLTOR VIS or CASV/MUR to it? Would they be compatible?

Thanks again guys

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