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The pins seem like they are tight but they aren't. Push down on the back of the upper receiver near the charging handle (Basically pinching the upper and lower together) and they come out easily. I had many problems with mine when I first got it:

Cylinder O-ring was torn and didn't seal
Forward assist button jammed
Mag leaked, badly
Horrible accuracy

I fixed the O-ring with one bought at Home Hardware, it was larger than the original one though. My FPS jumped to about 420, whether it was the o-ring or not, I have no idea, I never chrono'd before the new o-ring. I bought some "Gasket Maker" as well, that fixed the mag and I can get off 2 mags easily with one charge, no leaks. Accuracy isn't what it should be, but this can be a couple of things like the barrel. I'm going to swap it out with a prometheus TB and see where that takes me. I know that they come stock with a tight bore, but does anybody know if they are good quality? So far, I would game it, as long as I had enough mags for one game.
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