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Originally Posted by Old School Punk View Post
Thanks for the awesome responses guys! You explained things very well.

Hey Donster, I really liked that post you put up, I thought that it was really well written and I found it very informative. Thanks for posting the link.

glad you liked it! i really appreciate your feedback!

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
When the entire world of high-end aftermarket upgrade parts are precicely machined for Tokyo Marui...

In the end if you upgrade a TM M4A1 and a JG M4A1 the same, the TM will preform a lot better.
exactly. the same can be said for all clones. The reason being is that the non-clones will have tighter tolerances and not have as much play between the parts, which = better air seal/compression etc etc. This will transcribe to greater accuracy, better performance and better durability
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