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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
+1. This is airsoft... not beamsoft...
lol Beamsoft indeed. IMO, if you can have an AEG shooting in the 12-15 / s range, that's good. That helps you develop marksmanship. Trailing a target with a visible stream of BBs with a BB hose till you hit it is pretty lame, really. 15/2 already a pretty unrealistic rof compared to the real steel, but is effective for airsoft. And it will increase the longevity of the internals.

Seriously, you've made it quite clear that you know nothing about AEG internals. You're already pushing the "safe" limits of your gearbox using that large battery. Keep your current gearbox as it is and work on getting your gun shooting accurately instead. That's far more beneficial to you as a shooter and for the "health" of your gun.
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