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PTW + VLTOR or KA CASV M4 w/ Sytema Revolution

Hi all,

Please excuse the extreme newb post. Just met to get age verified and will be in a couple of days. Assuming that will allow me to procure an AEG, wanted to do some quick research.

I was actually going to get my restricted license with my wife to do range shooting but since we found out you a) need your own gun and b) need to store it at home, those plans got thrown down the drain. She's not comfortable having real guns in the house with our kids (4 and 2). Understandable I guess. But I did have my heart set on a HK45C....:kill:

So, the consolation prize was airsoft - something I used to do a lot of when I lived in Japan in the 90's...can't believe how far things have come...

I really like the HK416 but it does not appear easy to get a nice full metal one these days. So, my next favorite is the VLTOR M4, pretty much exactly how King Arms makes theirs, except with the compatibility with an EOTECH 552 and other such genuine rail attachments (not sure if this is the case or not). For kicks, I'd also love to have a set of upgraded internals such as the Systema Revolution 170. Now, I'm going to get flamed for this I'm sure but I have no intention of using this for airsoft gaming (at least not right now); I just like to have the latest and greatest.

So, here is the question, assuming money is not really part of the equation:

Is it better to get a Systema PTW and fit a VLTOR VIS (and whatever else is required to replicate the look of the KA VLTOR CASV)


Am I better off just buying the KA VLTOR CASV and upgrading the internals

Please consider I am a complete newb and would need someone in the Toronto area to help me piece everything together.

Thanks a lot, all and apologize in advance if I've offended anyone with my newbness.

Any Metal Gear Online players on here by the way?
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