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Sounds good, it'll help get your air pressure consistent, you should also consider a new cylinder head. (also new spring guide).

What spring(s) are you getting? Keep in mind some springs need a 7mm spring guide, while the beefier ones need a 9mm one.

Here's what I did with my APS concerning the hop-up:
The main problem with the APS hopup is it isn't as secure as it should be, it can change throughout a day shooting, requiring you to sight it in more frequently (also lacks side to side adjustment). Other than that I never really saw the need to go to the PDI hop-up (that and I had a good quality inner barrel which fit my hop-up). I would adjust my hop-up to where I wanted it for my .36 ammo, and would use some thread lock (you could also use a small, small drop of clear nail polish) to secure the nut. Essentially turning my hop-up into a fixed one. (Keep in mind: my gun was a Maruzen, so it was very high quality to begin with, I don't know how much difference there is between the Maruzen hop-up and the Well one.)

With that set-up, and all my other upgrades I was able to hit torso's at 175-200' 80% of the time with some wind.(with more practice that would only get better, I know my skill was the limiting factor, not the gun. Also, keep in mind those figures were range figures, in game is very different.)

Just keep in mind, for the first couple games, especially if you haven't played much before, expect to not do that great. I had played for two years before I used my APS a couple games this last season, and honestly I was pretty useless at the start. Even later on in the season I knew I would probably be more effective with my M4, I just had more to learn and more skills to develop. Also, you have to measure usefulness in a different manner than pure kill count. You must consider psychological effect on the other team (once your skill gets up there), and what you can do for observing and recce.

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