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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
can you take some videos of when it's sunny outside? I really want one and it's so cheap wow
Sure no problem.

Funny thing is back then if it was my DVD camera I would have been like "maybe some other time" since I would have to record on the DVD then place the files on the DVD from the camera then take out the DVD and into the PC and convert it into a video and then post it on youtube.

But this little toy... it is so easy, just tape it, pop out the US,B check the video, maybe add a few titles and witty remarks and on youtube it goes within the whole hour

Originally Posted by grimreefer View Post
23 dollars?! :O
Which is like $28.75 CAD (Estimating that the dollar has not fallen that bad)

And also its great for Car accidents cause last time I was in accident the guy totally fudged and faked the whole report when I saw it at the Collision Centre, he drew the picture of me hitting his car when he actually hit mine.

Luckily the damage was apparent that he hit my car and it pretty much voided his claim, but the it would have worked out faster if I had the Vid cam as well as his vulgar yelling and bribing. Good eye for the collision centre cops.
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