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Last year, I ordered a case of Menu C MRE's from, they're great to deal with and sell quality products (shameless plug but it's true), unfortunately, UPS (that was my first and will be my last experience with them) went out of their way to f'ck things up to such an extent that I now specifically request USPS shipping (which never let me down) for US imports or will take my money elsewhere.

I got a phone call from UPS notifying me that I had to pay over 80$ in custom brokerage and various other fees that just multiply on each other before the package would be delivered, I declined and chose to deal with the *shudder* CBSA myself.

I had to wait on hold / argue for almost an hour with the UPS call center drone while looking up and printing the import requirements for MRE's using the CFIA database (MRE's being hermetically sealed, sterile and shelve stable for more than a couple decades, no restrictions whatsoever except for the nutritional info label if they're meant to be retailed in Canada) in order to get them to fax me the required paperwork.

Once my shift was over, I headed out to the *shudder* CSBA office to show them the CFIA clearance, payed the import taxes (with loose change, I kid you not), got a form stamped and signed then picked up my well deserved case of MRE's from the UPS depot.

UPS operate just like Robber Barons, levying outrageously high toll fees on lawful imports that would otherwise be cleared by the ruling entity for only a fraction of what they charge.

The CBSA officer that cleared my import was surprised to hear how much UPS was charging me, she told me that if that package would have been handled by USPS & CP, they wouldn't even have bothered collecting the import taxes.

A few months later, I received a threat letter from UPS's collection agency stating that they would press civil charges against me for not paying their custom brokerage fees with usurious interest rates on top, I promptly gave them a call to tell them to stuff that letter up their tailpipe and faxed the CSBA and CFIA papers the next day.

Never heard from them since then.

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