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Originally Posted by KEVORKIAN
Which PDI barrel is that?
PDI 01 Inner Barrel for Western Arms M4A1 Series (210mm)

The stock Patriot inner barrel is actually several cm shorter than it, so I ended up using my Noveske flashider to conceal the extra length. Apparently 210mm is the standard CQB-R length in Japan - the shorter length limits the FPS.

Originally Posted by KEVORKIAN
Do standard AEG barrels fit the Ra-Tech hop-up chamber?
No, they do not.

Originally Posted by KEVORKIAN
Which brand of loading nozzle did you use?
"POM" is a material, you're right. I thought that was a brand. I don't do a lot of nozzle upgrades. I'm actually not sure what brand it is.

I bought it from Airsoft Global. It was recommended to me.
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