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Originally Posted by Messer9 View Post
ok thank you so much! I have looked at other forums before and they said to go with a knew APS2 piston, PSS2 210spring, and a matching guide rod. Are those also good or should i just upgrade on the PDI upgrades? I told you i am not good with this stuff!!!!
The 210 spring will have you shooting hot, especially with a tightbore. Go with a 150 or 130, especially if you're new. Also, check with your local club rules. With a 150 spring and tightbore, I think I was around 473. The 210 had me around 560, which I never gamed.

If you do go with the 150 spring, you'll need a 9mm spring guide. (I had a gaurder one that worked fine).

You'll want a metal piston, one that's designed to good quality specs. I had a gaurder in mine which worked well, but it came with it so I didn't do much research on what all out there, so you'll want to check up on that.

As well, you'll want a new piston head (buy 2). The laylax ones are quite good.

When you do assemble it all (it helps if you get the cylinder head tool) , use a good quality lithium grease (not from an aerosol can but from a tube) and apply a thin, even coating in your cylinder, as well as on your piston head, the base of your spring guide, and the inside of your piston. Here's the cylinder head tool I was talking about:

As for which upgrades you should get first (for now) if you're on a budget, I'm afraid I can't help you there. I don't know which ones are the best bang for your buck.

Oh, and don't forget two things. Use a good quality 3-9x scope (you'll appreciate the zoom out feature, sometimes you'll be observing at closer ranges) and, if you go with the PDI hop-up to use AEG tight bores as opposed to the proprietary barrels, you may need to new barrel spacers (plastic things with o-rings) because I believe the outer diameter of the new barrels is different.

Oh, and don't cheap out on the barrel. Otherwise you're better off sticking with the stock hop-up, just getting a new hop-up sleeve (a good stiff one) and something like the OK inner barrel for the L96.

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