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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
Very interesting, no problems with cool down?

Not cheap to game with though, a full loadout of mags would probably run you at least the cost of an average aeg.

As to the fail rate, this is a WE GBB, that kinda goes with the territory.


There are definitely problems with cool down. I'm looking forward to the CO2 mags, even though the cartridges will cost more than household propane, their benefits outweigh the costs. Higher FPS, more reliable mags, less crap to carry, no dangerous propane fumes (if you're using in confined spaces), no cooldown and more consistent FPS.

After firing a full mag if I instantly refill and use it again, the gun does not function properly. The gas just starts spewing out from the ejection port. So carry lots of mags.
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