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APS-2 piston on

Hey there,

So, i'm getting a good deal of cash soon and i'm thinking I could treat myself and fix up a few things for my guns. Starting with my CA M24. So far it needs a new hopup chamber, Tightbore barrel and piston.

Now, im really only wanting to order within canada and has two pistons which I could order (if they get them back in stock)

King Arms Reinforced Piston for APS-2 / Type96


Modify Teflon Super Lightweight Piston Type96

Now, for my question; Do these things require a seperate piston head? I've heard that some do, and if so, would I be able to use the piston head already on my stock m24 piston? (Its made out of a decent aluminum, I dont think its going to hold out much longer though with my 400fps spring though.)

and secondly, which of the two would be better for my m24?

The current parts in it so far:

Hopup chamber
Piston head

400fps spring (Laylax? Pss2 SP130)
Ball bearing spring guide
KN hopup rubber.

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