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Originally Posted by grantmac View Post
I don't know where you got this, but I know of several legitimate retailers in the US stocking WE's.
I got this here:

Originally Posted by bleaches View Post
well, i asked he answered lol. i told him i was gonna post it on our forums to get the hype up nd hes like...ya...lets do that lol. the gun is a real beast though. has a nice heft to it.

Also, i retract all my previous comments about the WE M4... its an insane piece of gun, after plinking at it in the shop for an hr i am truely impressed by the recoil and its reliability. same goes for the GHK AK74U. IN SHORT, im in love with GBB rifles...lolz i now wait till i return to Canadia~ so i can get one local in CAN.

apparantly US is still a no go for the WE gun due to its design. apparantly you can drop in a real AR trigger module in the ATF is still trying to determine if its allowed down south
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