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I am corrupted by my WA M4. I don't think I could buy another AEG.

Originally Posted by Mr. Jon

- Top rail slightly oversized and may require you to modify your optics or a BUIS properly.
What's the deal with that? I know my G&P body is just like a WA factory body, and it's a known fact that they're not the same as a real-steel, but I thought Ino's were supposed to be 1:1 with a real-steel body. I guess not

Thousand-dollar Prime body kit, anyone? *sigh*

Originally Posted by tunabreath
Really though, a GBB is ideal for CQB - crisper/faster trigger response than an AEG and intimidatingly loud, plus you don't have to worry about consistency/accuracy at short range.
I really think it's still a skirmishable, but personally I find the rate of fire in the Ino/WA system to be a tad low for CQB. It's definitely a lower ROF than a real-steel, anyway. Plus when you have a cool-down effect to contend with on green gas, it drops even more. I guess I care about consistency at any range.

You're right about the *crack* sound, though - that's a lot crazier in a confined space. I had some concerns when I was first working on putting my gun together, since I live in an apartment building.
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