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My thoughts on my newly purchased WE M4A1 GBB

I purchased the version 2 with the lighter paint and colt trademarks. However, only after about 1 week of owning the gun and not even firing more than 200-300 rounds, the gun seems to be failing at an alarming rate.

I made a youtube video for anyone who wants to check it out.... Sorry for the loud gum chewing. I like gum! lol


1. The charging handles lever just broke and blew off while firing. It actually hit me in the face! It appears to be made of really cheap metal. I replaced with KA tactical latch.

2. The rear body pin cannot be removed simply by pushing it out like in videos I've seen, must be hammered out.

3. Hopup adjustment does not move at ALL!

4. Mag now leaks to a point where I cannot fire more than 15-20 rounds

5. Front barrel unscrews itself while firing. I had to use plumbers tape on the threads to stop this from happening.

6. Brand new, the delta ring came very loose. I had extreme barrel wobble. After removing the gas tube and front assembly I managed to tighten the delta ring and fix the problem. But still, wtf?

7. Bolt catch no longer pops out when all rounds have been fired (possibly due to the leaky mag, not sure yet. But it seems like another malfunction of the magazine. There is a pin that's supposed to pop up when the bb's have run out reguardless of whether or not there is gas inside the mag.

That's A LOT of problems!!! I'm somewhat disappionted.

Accuracy is below average. I'm really missing my AEG because of this. In full auto the grouping is downright terrible. It just spreads all over the place like firing a shotgun. The mags are limited to 30 rounds so you'll get use to reloading. The ROF is OK, but a lot lower than AEG's.

From 30 feet away I use to be able to hit the bullseye with my AEG almost everytime in semi-auto. With the GBB most of the shots will end up on the target area, but hitting the bullseye is pure luck. Hopefully upgrades in the future will fix this problem. I'm really looking forward to some upgrades. This thing feels like a prototype.

Plus sides are that the recoil is very cool and that the body is built very solid. It's the most realistic M4 I've ever seen.

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