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Originally Posted by Get Real View Post
I do like that WE HI-CAPA seems to have good availability and be 100% upgradeable; Yes? Illusion, thanks for all the good technical stuff.
If you're PLANNING on an upgrade path, then skip the WE altogether and just get a Tokyo Marui.

WE Hi-Capa is a clone of Tokyo Marui... and generally, no clones are ever better than the original. Besides that, out of the box, the lemon rate of a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa is extremely low. I don't think I've ever heard of a bone stock Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa not working right out of the box - they have a great success rate, and shoot much more accurately than WE. Upgrading to metal slides are a breeze as well - tons of selection available. Almost every part of Tokyo Marui Hi-Capas can be upgraded.
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