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Originally Posted by Old School Punk View Post
Hey guys; so it is becoming apparent to me that the guys that are "really into Airsoft" all own Tokyo Marui and Classic Army brand guns. Is this just because of the "name", or are the products from these manufacturers that much better?

I currently own 2 Jing Gong all metal AEGs and they ROCK! Now I have never fielded either weapon, but they seem to work just fine for me.
They both shoot around 400 FPS, and they never give me any trouble, so is a "name brand" gun made in Japan really worth 3 times the money?

Just wondering?

With regards to TM there are little things that make them better. Generally, the QC is much, much higher. The guns are much better tuned and the internals are built out of higher quality materials, which means they run smoother (just listen to the sound a TM makes compared to a clone) and usually last a lot longer. Also, since china guns are all clones of TM to varying degrees of accuracy, aftermarket parts will pretty much always fit a TM... but frequently require "tweaking" to get them to fit on clones because the manufacturing tolerances are not as high.

As for Classic Army, the internals can be hit or miss. Some last for 20,000+ rounds and others have them fail after only a few thousand. What does it for CA guns is the externals. Every CA gun I've seen has vastly superior externals to any clone gun. I've done side-by-side comparisons of a CA36, TM G36, and JG G36, and the CA body wins by far. Every CA armalite I've seen also has an incredebly solid metal body that clones don't come even close to matching.

When you just casually browse the "doctor's corner" on this forum or similar on other forums, there is a higher degree of failure with stock clones than stock "name brand" guns.

As clones go, JG is very, very good, probably the best before you hit G&G and the rest of the "name brands". But if you look at other clone companies -CYMA, dboys, Bell, Wellfire, etc. there is no comparison. They may have one or two guns in thier line that are good but most severly compromise somewhere.

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