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Cool Inokatsu M4 CQBR M.T.W [Preliminary Review]

Inokatsu M4 CQB-R DX Version Preliminary Review
Shown with ELCAN Clone, G&P KAC Vertical Grip and G&P Real Size PEQ.
January 30th, 2009

Common Questions about Inokatsu M4 Series

Q: What is the body made of?
A: Forged aluminum (not steel as originally rumored)

Q: What parts are steel?
A: Front site, barrel, flash hider, stock sling loop, trigger, bolt catch, bolt carrier, dust cover, body pins, selector, hammer, barrel lock nut and plate. Bolt is made of aluminum but the carrier is cnc steel. Stock tube and KAC MK18 RAS, trigger guard and buffer are made of aluminum.

Q: Does it take WE mags?
A: No it does not. It only takes WA Regular or S-Type 50 Round magazines at this time. CO2 Short magazines are currently in production by Inokatsu with an unknown production/delivery date.

Q: What powers the gun?
A: Green Gas (Propane – 100 PSI @ 21C), Red Gas (HFC 22 – 121 PSI @ 21C), and ready for CO2 (Up to 837 PSI @ 21C). Duster gas is unable to cycle the gun in it’s stock state due to the heavy upgrades.

Q: Can you use AEG barrels?
A: Uknown compatibility at this time but Prime has released a WA compatible hop up assembly that allows for AEG barrels.

Q: Real Steel Parts?
A: Rumored to take real delta ring and ras/handguards, real steel stock (unknown if real buffer tube will work). Real steel grip possible, trigger guard may need slight modification to use real steel. Magazine catch also rumored to be replaceable with real version.

Q: Performance?
A: Magazines are extremely rare and hard to come by now due to G&P releasing their WOC series M4 based of WA. No independent performance results available from me at this time until I can get my hands on a magazine. Alleged performance of 400 FPS+, backed up by user accounts and videos on youtube. Results will be posted when available.

Q: Where to buy and How Much?
A: If in Canada, contact your local retailer for details. Expect approx $1800.00 price range. Outside Canada there are several major local or overseas retailers such as RedWolf that may stock the gun.


- Cybergun licensed Colt trademarks, stamped into receiver
- Forged receiver and stamped trademark process like real M4
- Strips and disassembles like real M4
- High quality components and finishing.
- Highly upgraded out of box with many steel components capable of taking CO2


- Top rail slightly oversized and may require you to modify your optics or a BUIS properly.
- Top of receiver has slight wobble
- Does not include rear site or magazine
- Appears to use real steel muzzle thread which prevents attachment of your own attachments
- Shoots way to hard out of box alleged 400+ FPS and may achieve up to 475+ or higher pressure gases (CO2)



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