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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Apparently you were ignoring all the people in this thread screaming TM.[/QUOTE

No, I hear it and know that TM is good stuff. Perhaps I have not said anything or acknowledged the ever omnipotent TM because it is a given. I want to find something new. All metal; I know, I know, you can buy a TM and then pay a lot more to mod it and trick it out to all metal and have pimped out, super GBB, awesomeness in your hand. I am really exploring the KWC Desert Eagle's right now and will explore a few others picked up from this thread. Maybe I'll start a new thread on that. Thanks for all the intel though it was a great learning experience.
You can pay a decent price and get a plastic slide, TM that will run you stock out of the box on Propane for quite some time.. with excellent reliability or you can pay about the same ( or less) and get a full metal gun that will crap out in short order.

Full metal is not the be all end all for GBB guns.. If you want performance, reliablitly and full metal.. you are describing a TM gun upgraded to FM .. and now you are talking $
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