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Originally Posted by Get Real View Post
I hear a lot of people dumping on WE. I hear not too much of positive recommendation of viable alternatives other than ones that are rare or can't be upgraded. Is that accurate

Thanks Kalnaren for pointing out that KJW is great but hard to get parts for and thanks for pointing out that mags are hard to come by on the ptp. I do like that WE HI-CAPA seems to have good availability and be 100% upgradeable; Yes? Illusion, thanks for all the good technical stuff.

The "folly of my original post" seems to be that I am gaining a lot of experiential insight in a short time from seasoned people. I kinda like that; some of it narrow-minded emotion biased, some of it level and fair.

Pusangani answering your previous overture. blow me or suck me for my folly? i can't decide which is more exciting as I sit here in my underwear playing with my gun.:tup:
By far the two best brands in terms of upgradibility and performance are Tokyo Marui and KSC.
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