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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Seperate slide and frame, press magazine safety with your finger, and ease springs with your other hand, thumb on the hammer and finger on the trigger to release.
Thanks, I was able to do it by having the magazine 3/4 of the way in, and doing the usual thumb on the hammer and finger on the trigger to release. I didn't have to take the slide and frame apart though. Still it's a bitch to have to do all that work just to decock the gun, even if it is a gun that has no replacement parts...and a gun that I will baby forever

It's a very cool gun, good weight even though it's mostly plastic, and should go great with my kit as soon as I can find a good holster for it.

Anyone have any idea what that separate metal piece is on the right hand side of the slide (grooved section where you would put your fingers to pull back slide). I was fiddling with it with the slide off and it seems to wiggle a piece inside...but I can't seem to find out any practical use for it. Perhaps just attention to detail on the real thing?
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