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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Makes perfect sense. I have a KJW P14.45 that is awesome and works great, but I would never recommened it to anyone simply because there are pretty much zero parts available for it.
The KJW P14 is a clone of the WA,
a lot of the parts are interchangeable.
You can drop in an entire WA slide,
and some of the frame internals. WA
mags are held open by a piece in
the frame, KJ's are not so mags
are out.

Unfortunately the metal used for the
frame and slide is a tad soft. I've seen
a pal's stop cycling properly due to the
wear on the frame rails. The slide and
frame grind the rails down so there's too
much slop upward, and then the slide
won't cock the hammer properly.

Aluminum WA slide would help on gas
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