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Unfortunately, Canadian customers only represent a very small percentage of their business revenue, especially since we don't purchase any guns (which is probably their main money maker) and the bulk of our accessories are ordered from Canadian or Asian sources.

That being said

Airsoft GI will ship all items with UPS ground service unless otherwise noted. Notifications will be issued via comments on your order. You can contact to request alternative methods of shipping. For our customers in Hawaii and Alaska, please email us at for a shipping quote.

Not sure whom you spoke to that said they would only ship via UPS. I've gotten many orders from the US (various companies that usually ship UPS, including ESS, SDS, and even Evike) shipped via USPS after explaining the problem with UPS. Companies usually want to make their customers happy; if you explain the problem wth UPS clearly and politely, they'll usually be happy to offer an alternative (except Redwolf, who insist on forcing stupidly expensive shipping unless you use the PITA wire transfer).
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