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ANYWAYS, the point is: WE may not have the greatest quality control, in fact, there were some product batches where they had over 80% failures on some components, but that batch was limited and fixed. Not to say it couldn't happen again, as with poor quality die-casting manufacturing, it's bound to happen randomly.

Is WE complete shit? No.
Would I ever consider owning one? No. (but that's just me, people who've seen my collection one know why I wouldn't own one)

Is it worth the money? Sure, if your budget is really tight and your requirement is to have full metal, then it's great bang for the buck.

Is it the best performer out there? No. Out of the box, all components from the frame to the slide to the outer barrel to the inner barrel all wobble and the gun rattles. Accuracy isn't great because of this, inconsistent hop up performance won't provide super consistently tight groupings. The slide cycles slowly. And they generally are poor with gas efficiency... but for something to mess around with and plink from your armchair while wearing nothing but your underwear, it's good.... for what it is.

Are they reliable? Maybe. Getting a lemon out of the box is a common occurrence, but it's not a guaranteed occurrence. Getting one that functions fine out of the box is also a common occurrence.
Unfortunately, WE manufacturing processes and quality control do leave a lot to be desired for - and even if yours does work out of the box, there is still a potential rate of failure shortly down the road, as with any product.

As long as you know what you're getting in to, then your expectations have been met and you won't be disappointed. For the price of these things, there isn't much to complain about, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to these guns in the airsoft world.
About the only thing worse would be other Chinese manufactured pistols and smaller company Taiwanese brands. WE just happens to be the 'best' of the worst. You get what you pay for, and just because WE is the cheapest, definitely does't make it the best. Ultimately, it's up to YOU to weigh what characteristics of your purchase are important to you. If price is your major concern, then these will fit the bill just fine.

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