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News From Deepfire

Christopher from Deepfire sent in some pictures of there guns and he also explains what stock comes with what model. These guns come with all of the best upgrades Deepfire make. Also the manufacturers often read these threads because I send them a link so please post up what you think of them. Its your way of having a say. Please play nice though.

If you choose
DF-SW012 (7"MRF-C-CQB)
DF-SW013 (7"MRF-C-Carbines)
DF-SW014 (12"MRF-CX-Carbines)
DF-SW015 (4" MRF-4 CQB)
DF-SW019 (9"MRF-M-CQB)
DF-SW020 (7"MRF-C-Commando)
They will come with crane stocks

But if you choose DF-SW018 (M4A1 Solid Stock) , It will come with solid stock

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