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Originally Posted by LUTNIT View Post
The TM P226 can shoot upwards of 390fps on propane,
Woah, what parts do you have in your P226? I've NEVER seen a GBB with a barrel that short shoot that hot on propane. Even my highly modified open division Hi-Capa racegun with 7" 6.01mm tightbore can only hit 380fps with propane.

Originally Posted by LUTNIT View Post
you can build one from scratch with aftermarket parts only, though it does have some gas efficiency problems. Not metal out of the box but you have a lot of choices for metal kits. The TM Hi-Cappa is similar, every single part in the gun down to the tiniest little bit can be bought aftermarket.
Really? Help me find some of those parts, I've been attempting to do this for 4 years, and I thought I had all the good hook ups! Where do you get your parts?
I've been able to source all major parts and the majority of small parts, but I'm still missing some minor screws and springs to fully assemble complete guns from the billions of pieces I have lying around here.
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