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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Last time I checked, Apple didn't make GBB's.
hmmm... so... would they call it the iGBB or the iShoot ?

TM Hi-capa, buy it, run it, love it. Its about the only gun I can think of that has a large library of upgrades avail. that you could run stock for seasons on end never needing to fix it ((if you maintain it that is)). KSC makes some nice pistols, but most of em you need to do some upgrades to get them on the nice end of the scale.

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
That's it! We need Apple to start marketing airsoft in Canada!

If I ever say something like that again, you have my permission to sack me when we meet at a game.
Can we just smack you for that one?

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