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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Oh, and I forgot... You wouldn't be able to refill the gas in your mags yourself. You'd have to send them back to Apple (at your expense) every time you wanted a refill. And of course, if you wanted to upgrade your gun, you'd just have to toss out your current one and get a better one that costs about 3 times what other comparable guns cost. They wouldn't be that great either, but would look cool and have some kind of target acquisition system built in that would at least put BBs more or less on target for the shooter, requiring no skill whatsoever, so that when the shooter tried a REAL GBB, he could bitch and complain that it's shit because it doesn't aim for you like his Apple GBB does, therefore is an inferior product...
LOL.. perfect analogy. It's so true.

"Someone in a Prius tried to race me at a stop sign the other day. I couldn't believe it. I had him for the first 100 feet or so but I can only walk so fast."
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