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Seems like someone needs a bit of education in terms of what makes a good gun. It's not all dependent on velocity. Accuracy and dependability are the 2 key factors that make a good GBB. And sadly, the KWA PTP line have proven to be less than reliable, and WE is nothing but a budget, entry level gun.And even for entry-level, WE isn't what great. Yes, the WE Hi Capa can be fully upgraded with TM parts, which is a big bonus. As already mentioned, the WE Luger is also a beast of a gun - well built, powerful, and accurate. But WE are still a low-end company.

If you're looking for a good quality GBB, companies to look at are TM and KSC. Both are plastic, but easily upgradable with metal slides and / or full metal body kits. They're considerably more expensive than other pistols, but very reliable and accuract. Western Arms are also top of the line. However, their guns are easily damages using propane, so unless you have one of their models that have metal slides available, you're stuck using duster which leaves them in the 220-240 fps range. And to me, that's rather slow. While velocity shouldn't be the determining factor in which gun to get, I do feel that they're too slow to be really competitive as gaming guns even though their accuracy and reliability surpass almost every other GBB on the market.

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Last time I checked, Apple didn't make GBB's.
Apple wouldn't make them idiot-proof. They'd just make GBBs trendy to the point everyone would be walking around with a nice Apple GBB sitting in a white holster...
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