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All other pistols are just toy junk

As you read the title no doubt you thought; "This guy is a knucklehead just asking for a smackdown.":smack: I sort of am (not a knucklehead - just asking for healthy debate). By my research I have come to the narrow-minded but possibly accurate conclusion that ther are really only two serious and viable Gas pistols out there. Let me define "serious and viable":

1. shoots 320 - 350 fps. 2. all metal 3. Easy to get parts and customize. 4. Good reviews of reliability and quality.

They are (in order of quality and price) the KWA professional training pistols and the WE Hi capa 5.1 or 3.8. Anything else is just toy junk.:wink:

Now, I welcome discussion and/or by all means show me others that are just as good. I want to know as I have a casual importer who can bring me about anything and I plan to aquire several with my tax return.
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