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As already stated here, I would avoid the WE 1911. When they work, they seem to work fine and last a long time, but there are far too many lemons. It's a line of gun that's fraught with issues. And because it's a proprietary design, no other aftermarket parts are compatible with it and stock replacement parts aren't really available. Problems tend to be very minor, but that minor problem tends to turn the gun into an expensive paperweight due to the lack of parts. It's not uncommon for someone to blow out their barrel bushing on the first mag through the gun, rendering the gun unusable.

And if you want rapid fire, the 1911 is a bad choice of gun. You'll need a GBB with a large double-stack mag. Single stack 1911 mags have way too much cooldown to be used effectively in rapid fire. You'd be better off with a P226, Glock or Beretta.
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