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Well, first of all I'd stay away from the WE 1911's if you can afford anything better, they're fraught with problems. If you want full metal, go with KJW, if FMU isn't a concern (and you can afford it) then WA or TM are the way to go.

Secondly, it's not that the mags can't cool down fast enough, it's that they cool down too fast. This is a problem with all GBB's powered by propane and to an extent CO2. It's particularly bad on the 1911's though because the mags are a fair bit smaller then your average double stack gun, thus they can't hold as much gas. The brand of mag doesn't really make a difference in this case (WE's aren't really compatible with anything else anyway).

If rapid fire is what you want then the 1911 probably isn't what you're after. Go with a Glock, or if the boxy Glocks aren't your style then a Beretta. If you're set on the 1911 style then you could go with a Hicappa, they're basically fancy double stack versions of the 1911. The Hicappa is definitely the way to go if you want to pimp out your pistol, there is no pistol that has more pimping options then the Hicappa.


Edit: You'll have to get age verified first though before you're going to be able to get any of these, here or from Mopic.

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