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Question about M16/M4 Mags.

Hi ASC, I am 14, and do have my firearms course completed (just for the record). I do know i can't have a real airsoft gun until i am 18, and judging by how some people my age i know behave, that is the right decision. I know a kid under 18 such as myself who has been around guns his whole life, and is mature about them is rare, and there can't be exceptions to a rule like this. As of now, the only guns i have are crappy Wal-Mart guns. I have the "Colt On Duty Kit" (DPMS M4 AEG, crappy pistol i sold for 15 bucks, and a cheap RDS.) The gun only comes with one 300 rd. hi-cap, and i was wondering if a standard AEG mag such as these would work in it.
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