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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post

Again, it's not an issue... down the line, you could always switch it up... or if you want, I can get you custom machined 4.3 length slides with rear dovetail sight cuts made to fit the 5.1's Bomar adjustable sight or if you wanted to get real nuts, 10" long slide/barrel/compensator setups... but you also have to realize that will affect maneuverability. lol.
Yes 10" was crazy I learned from my Leon Custom Deagle, it was fun to shoot and a powerhouse but aiming wise it was way too hard as the front of the gun actually jitters up and down unless I used a tactical hand grip which I can't cause I would have to tape it on :P

Custom Illusion Slides? Looks like its time to create a Illusion savings fund.
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