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Originally Posted by Ktown Militia View Post
I upgraded my TM AK-47 mechbox (V3) with the following to produce good accuracy, god ROF, and 407fps with .20 and I think it was 370 with .25.

-madbull tightbore 6.03 inner barrel
-systema cylinder head
-modify air nozzle
-modify V3 bearing piston head
-modify V3 spring guide
-PPA 110 upgrade spring (really good spring)
-Guarder hop up rubber
-Guarder bucking rubber
-Deep fire shims
-Deep fire bearings
-king Arms gear sector clip
All powered by 9.6v batt
Hmm how much did that cost you? It sound pretty good, but is the PPA spring better then systema or are they equals?
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