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Good setting for an AK gearbox

Hmm so, what would be good for an Cm028s?

I know that they use V3 gearbox, so i were wondering, what setting would be good for a total remake of gearbox.

Would putting in all systema part would be good?

Also, if it would be to be near 360-400fps, with 20bb+/sec, but still not too fast, too fast rof is unrealistic. What would be good? I know that it would need 9.6v batterie, and a reinforced gearbox, and for the motor, is the systema one good?

And now for a barel, again, is the systema tightbore good?

Edit: Also, if it were to be 400fps, what would be the fps with .23 or .25g bb's?
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