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Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
I've been hit by pistols often at 100ft - (one of the locals uses 2 pistols 50% of the time and is killer accurate with those)

ditto to what grantmac said; SIR seems to run plenty of good events
Hehe, I got a ~140ft kill using my KSC G19 a few years back, was pretty easy, very much my knowing how to shoot the gun right, how it performed as far as impact point goes............. and my using 0.36g BBs. I took four fast shots just because of the distance, not sure how many hit him but I'd say maybe two. Funniest part about that day, I was up on a hill and still using my G19 (my MP5SD was dusty and jammed up), there were four guys down the hill beside a big sand pile, I decided to fire off a half dozen rounds at them, knowing full well the 250ft distance was extremely wishful thinking for a pistol, especially with the decent cross wind............... they started acting like there were BBs landing around them and ran for cover behind the sand pile. I doubt I was even close, likely they just saw and heard me shooting a GBB at them and panicked. Dunno.
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