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Paintball range is about 75fts. Acuracy, depending on the gun and paint, is about 50fts at most.

Airsoft standard range is about 100fts to 125fts depending on fps and weight of BBs. Snipers can be acurate enough at 300fts.

Standard acuracy is at 100fts where you can hit a lamp post consistently. Snipers are acurate enough to hit a man size target at 300fts depending on wind condition, rifle, BBs and a lot on the shooter.

I play as a sniper 95% of the time outside, most of my engagements are at 150fts in the wood. I'd say that for every BB I fire, I get a hit 1/3 of the time. In closer range, 100% of the time. The 1/3 acuracy is due to my M24 aging and needing some tweeking. When my L96 come operationnal, I'll send the M24 to be re-tweeked.

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