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I remember few years back when I bought a clear springer P99 from cancan tire, I used a plastic primer and put 3 very small coats of black krylon. Coating hasn't shown a crack until the slide broke up and trashed it ( 3 years of light use as a backup silent pistol :P )

Don't hide yourself, more time goes on and more clear guns will enter the market

Yup- I got a clear Crosman springer as my first backup. Clear Crosman G3 too and they paint up great (and work even better with a proper mechbox in em).

To be honest for paintjob projects I prefer clear guns (and why ruin a black plastic receiver with paint anyway lol).

I am likely going to look at one of those clear Nonblowback propane pistols as a paint project later this year. $60 is a bargain for a clear gas pistol (the Co2 ones are usually $80)

Bit off topic but those clear spring pistols are great for only $25 or so. Springers are fairly useful here in CQB (quiet too) and now I have a black UHC spring revolver as well as that crosman pistol. Though springer pistols work fine they dont have the range of the CO2 and gas pistols so it became my 'mercy killer' option (in that instead of a risky 'mercy' call I just shoot them with my 200fps springers )

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