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I've never been to a game where its impossible to get a rental gun. I really urge new players to rent before they buy as it is a large investment. I am constantly seeing package deals of a JG or TM gun with a couple mags, battery, vest, and goggles going up for sale on the local Ottawa forum and here on ASC because someone wanted to get in but didn't rent before finding out that airsoft isn't for them. The time it takes to save up for a good gun, research whats good and whats bad, buy some BDU's and some simple gear, and play a couple games with rental guns is usually enough time to get verified if you contacted a verifier on or near your first game. I really do recommend renting for at least 2-3 games and at most places that MINIMUM 2-3 weeks if not 4-5 weeks as games aren't always held every weekend.
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